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Luxury Services


Let our concierge guide you

What does “Conciergerie” mean…

Everything you would like, now

The luxury concierge service is reserved for a high-end clientele looking for ultra-efficient personalized service. A luxury concierge service can satisfy all types of requests made by wealthy customers. This may include booking a last-minute trip, finding a specific service for a special occasion, or buying luxurious items at the last minute. With a concierge, all the desires and requirements of guests are heard and executed immediately.

At Villa Cilla, the failure does not exist. The priority for us is the ability to react in the moment to bring total satisfaction to our special guests. Koh Samui is an island offering a maximum of possibilities in terms of activities or tailored services. At Villa Cilla, we want to help you discovering Koh Samui in the most beautiful way. From in-house chef to access to particular events, do not be worried, we can handle everything, so your stay will be the most memorable. We always propose new things to discover : luxury massages and spas, and, of course, the best in Food & Beverages. So do not wait anymore and book your stay at Villa Cilla. Remember, you are relaxing, while we organize everything, at any time !

1 Live-in Staff
2 Private Chef
3 In-house massages
4 Wine Cellar

Would you like… a private driver ?

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Let our private Chef… Cook at your home

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Tired after a full day around the island ? Relax your mind at Villa Cilla…

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Our selection of wines of the World

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You can enjoy at Villa Cilla…

  • Internet
  • Air conditioning
  • Dryer
  • Seaview terrace
  • Storage
  • Live-in staff
  • Daily cleaning service
  • Daily breakfast
  • Complimentary tea - coffee
  • Infinity Pool
  • Built-in kitchen
  • Full furnished
  • Clean towel and linens
  • TV
  • Welcome pack
  • Welcome drink
  • Refreshment towel
  • Transfer from/to Airport
  • Concierge services
  • On the beach